Band Instrument Repair 

Located near Downtown Winter Garden, FL

We now offer instrument rentals!  Click Here for more info!

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Each project is individual, and will be quoted based on itself - not arbitrary numbers.  Labor cost is $60/hour, billed per quarter hour (not including parts).  This means if something takes 15 minutes, you won't be billed for 30.
Most repairs tend to be fairly quick. 


Cleaning Prices (Including felts, corks, and re-stringing):

  • Trumpet/Cornet/Mellophone/Trombone (no trigger) ---------------------- $60

  • French Horn (single)/Trombone (w/ trigger)/Baritone/Euphonium ------  $75

  • Tuba/Sousaphone/Helicon/French Horn (double/triple)------------------- $95

    Cleanings for saxophone necks, bass/alto clarinet necks, bassoon bocals, and brass/woodwind mouthpieces available as well!  Please inquire!


This is a small gallery featuring examples of work

After Soldering











Before Soldering

After Bell Re-Shaping












Before Bell Re-Shaping

After Cleaning













Before Cleaning


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